The Artist

Already familiar with fabric sculpting, Anja brought a mind full of ideas with her when she immigrated and has become well known in the Canadian (garden) art market. In 2011, she opened her studio in the countryside of Sunderland, Ontario, one hour north of Toronto. While she is continually developing her skills as a sculptor.

One day in 2015, she was standing in front of a fashion store window looking at the poses of the models and experienced an “AHA” moment. She looked for her authentic signature style to emerge naturally, and the idea was born to use vintage mannequins as the base for her garden sculptures … her life-size fairies.

Fairy tales have resonated in human imagination since the beginning of time, and people have a penchant for stories that take us to another world. According to Anja, “I notice adults are fantasy starved, so I’m helping them with modern adaptations to these age-old fantasies. I am using the slogan The Fabric of Fantasy.”

Anja’s sculptures showcase the fantastic world that lives just at the edge of our vision. Her work lifts the veil between our world and the one in which her imagination thrives. With a preference for the female form, she creates unique, opulent sculptures with distinct personalities. She also has a love and deep respect for nature and wildlife, especially birds. She creates life-size birds with comical appearances.

Anja’s pieces have won many awards and have been featured in newspapers, magazines and online. In addition, her work has been displayed in several Studio Tours, Art Exhibits, Juried Art Shows and Art Galleries. She also does commission work for private art collections, often her life-size fairies for gardens and cottages. Many of these fairies have been part of Canada Blooms, North America’s largest home and garden show, which occurs every March in Toronto.