Anja Kooistra

Anja Kooistra is a Dutch sculptor living in Sunderland, Ontario. She immigrated to Canada from The Netherlands in 2000. Ajna creates one-of-a-kind sculptures (usually fairies) by transforming vintage mannequins into extraordinary art pieces for homes, gardens and cottages. She uses the word "faye" in her website address, because it is derived from the Old English-French faie, which means fairie. Every work of art has its own unique design crafted from recycled fabrics, doilies, laces, jewelry … anything she can find to repurpose.

You can tell by the models’ poses that Anja has a love of films and musicals, and is always in search of materials that will help her create whimsy. She uses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly hardener that works slowly to result in a finish that withstands the elements. Each of her fairies is truly a work of art, designed to bring joy to your home and garden. The sculptures can remain outside for most of the year.


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